Kosovo–Serbia relations

Vučić: The problems are piling up

At the very beginning, Vui congratulated Serbian basketball players for reaching the finals of the World Championship in Manila.
After the good news, he referred to the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, and said that he would travel to Brussels on Wednesday or Thursday for talks with the Pristina delegation.

Armed to the teeth, they stormed Gazivode for "inspection" purposes

This was published by the Albanian portal Mitropol Media.
"After 24 years, for the first time, the Kosovo Fishermen's Association is conducting control on Lake Gazivode," Mitropol Media announced on Facebook yesterday.
As can be seen in the photos published by the Albanian media on Facebook, there were several members of the alliance in the boat, as well as two policemen.

NATO Sends a Clear Message to Belgrade

The United States, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and Germany are using significant armament of Pristina to use Kosovo Albanians as a tool for NATO to discipline Belgrade. The emergence of the Kosovo army also points to potential instability in the region, according to Sran Graovac, an analyst at the Center for Social Stability.