Land transport

Bulgaria: Danube Bridge Congested with 10-km Long Line of TIR Trucks

A 10-kilometer long line of TIR trucks formed last night at the Danube Bridge border checkpoint at Ruse.

The processing of the documents has not been interrupted and according to the border authorities the reason for the traffic jam is that carriers are rushing to deliver their goods to Western Europe before the Catholic Easter.

Lines of trucks and long waiting hours at main Western border crossing points

Large lines of trucks formed, on Tuesday morning, at the main crossing points on the border with Hungary, on the way out of Romania, due to the restrictions applied to heavy traffic until Monday evening, so that drivers are forced to wait between 80 and 420 minutes to reach border control.

Bulgarian Road Police Launches 5-Day Operation “Resorts”

As of today and until 23 February, a new specialized police operation is underway to ensure compliance with road traffic rules, with a different focus in different regions of the country. This was announced by Chief Inspector Lachezar Bliznakov from the Traffic Police Department with the National Police General Directorate.