Land transport

Kicked off their curb

Residents of central Athens districts have long complained that bars and restaurants have taken over their sidewalks and the vehicles of visitors their parking spaces. As several of them told Kathimerini, the situation keeps getting worse.

Public Safety Concerns Rise as Child Takes Wheel of Plovdiv Bus

In a startling incident in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, a child, estimated to be 5-6 years old, was spotted steering a public transport bus. The alarming event occurred on line number 10, with witnesses describing a risky journey through the bustling "Trakia" district. The child, sitting on the driver's lap, reportedly handled the wheel for about ten minutes before disembarking at the next stop.

Slovenian motorway tolls going up

Driving on Slovenian motorways will cost more starting from 15 June after the government confirmed a 6.8% increase in tolls for all vehicles other than lorries. This will be the first toll increase in ten years.

The annual e-vignette for cars will cost €117.50, up from €110 at present. The monthly vignette will go from €30 to €32 and the weekly one from €15 to €16.

Bulgaria: Heavy Traffic is Expected in the Last of Day of the Holidays

Heavy traffic is expected on the last of the series of holidays on the country's roads.

Repairs are making traffic difficult on some of the country's key roads. The majority of repair works are carried out on the Trakia highway. There are repairs at the 20th, 40th and 120th km of the highway.

Due to the Holidays in Bulgaria: No Heavy Trucks on Trakia Highway Today and Tomorrow

Tomorrow and Saturday, in order to facilitate traffic during peak hours, the movement of vehicles over 12 tons will be restricted between the 5th and 23rd kilometers of the Trakia highway in the direction of Burgas, reported the Road Infrastructure Agency.