Left-wing politics

SYRIZA MP and former minister announces he will not stand for elections

Giorgos Katrougalos, an MP for SYRIZA and a former foreign minister of the party, on Thursday announced his intent to withdraw from the upcoming elections after stating that social contributions for the self-employed may go up in a future SYRIZA government, something the party denied.

European Parliament to examine request to lift Georgoulis’ immunity

The request for the the lifting of the immunity of former SYRIZA MEP Alexis Georgoulis, who has been accused of rape and sexual abuse, will be examined during an extraordinary meeting of the European Parliament's Legal Affairs Committee (JURI) next Tuesday, May 23. 

At the same extraordinary JURI meeting, the request for waiver of immunity of MEP Maria Spyraki will also be examined. 

The cost of promises

The good news is that a public discussion has started on how much the measures and benefits being announced by the political parties if they win the elections are going to cost. That said, the discussion tends to be limited to the old question: Where will the money come from?

Slovakia to Get ‘Expert’ Government But Return to Populism Looms

The departed but mostly unlamented coalition government, the first version of which was pieced together in February 2020 by four parties in a push to unseat Fico's Smer party following eight years of increasing authoritarianism and corruption, certainly wasn't helped by circumstances.

MP candidate arrested on alleged terror charges

A parliamentary candidate for the Green Left Party (YSP) has been arrested in the investigation into the far-left Socialist Party of the Oppressed's (ESP) youth organization.

Running for a seat in the Central Anatolian city of Eskişehir, Müslüm Koyun was detained during a raid on his house on April 30. The arrest comes as the country prepares for presidential and general elections.