SYRIZA issues statement excluding Katrougalos from running in Sunday’s elections

Main opposition party SYRIZA announced on Thursday that MP George Katrougalos would not be running in national elections on Sunday, following statements he made in a television interview.

On Wednesday, according to media reports, Katrougalos insinuated that SYRIZA planned to link insurance contributions to income level for both wage earners and freelancers. The statements resulted in strong criticism including from the government spokesman.

In its statement, SYRIZA said that "the middle class, following great sacrifices, paid a high price for the crisis and the arrogant policies of (Prime Minister Kyriakos) Mitsotakis, who did not care. Therefore, the middle class has a right to a lesser burden" financially.

"SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance's Contract for Change is absolutely clear as to this," it added without naming the MP. "It is our collective dream, our...

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