Bulgaria Anticipates Strong Summer Season with 10% Rise in Tourists

A promising summer season with a 10% increase in tourists compared to last year is anticipated, according to Konstantin Zankov, a marketing and business consultant in tourism, speaking to the national radio. Expectations are that this summer will see a return to pre-pandemic levels and potentially even surpass them.

Zankov noted that the overall summer season is looking strong, with a significant increase in hotel capacity and active interest from European markets. More flights and increased seating capacity are contributing to these positive predictions, though there remains much work to be done.

Approximately 63% of the tourist flow to Bulgaria comes from the European Union. Romania leads as the strongest market, followed by Poland, which has seen an increase in flights. While there is a rise in tourists from Germany compared to last year, numbers are still below 2019 levels. The UK also remains a key market for Bulgarian tourism.

During the May holidays, many Bulgarians are traveling both within the country and to destinations like Greece, Turkey, and various European capitals, Zankov added.

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