Legal professions

Supreme court prosecutor orders immediate investigation into organized crime activities

Supreme Court Prosecutor Georgia Adeilini issued an order on Wednesday for the immediate investigation of cases involving criminal organizations, money laundering, homicides, and other serious offenses linked to mafia networks on Mykonos, other Cycladic islands, as well as in Athens and Thessaloniki.

Call for Action: International Organizations Push for EU Investigation of Bulgaria's Judiciary Scandals

Four prominent international organizations representing magistrates have issued a resounding call to action, urging the Council of Europe and the European Union to intervene swiftly in response to alarming threats faced by Bulgarian judges.

Father and 15-year-old son of Amish-like family living off-grid arrested

The 47-year-old father of the self-described "early Christian" family living in the Corinthia municipality, Peloponnese, in a makeshift dwelling without modern rudimentary facilities, was arrested on Sunday for failure to comply with the compulsory education requirement for his three minor children.

Justice Ministry bill aims to reduce burden in courts

Thousands of legal cases will soon be handled outside of courtrooms and be resolved by lawyers and some by notaries, according to a Justice Ministry bill aiming to decongest Greece's judicial system.

The ministry views unburdening the courts as essential as a World Bank study ranks Greece 146th worldwide in delays in administering justice.