Liberalism in France

Vučić: Elections were fair, they all know it; One country interfered, we'll prove it

''You can almost never conduct the electoral process to perfection, we had fair elections, they all know that. I have never received more congratulations from other countries. Yes, I respect every vote. And just like that, the electoral will of the people will be respected," Vucic said.

More than 180,000 people on the streets, the president supported them VIDEO

The increasing anti-Semitism occurred after the Israeli attack on Gaza, AP reported.
Prime Minister lisabeth Bourne, representatives of several left-wing conservative parties, as well as centrists of President Emmanuel Macron, and supporters of far-right leader Marine Le Pen, attended the march in the French capital.

Vučić: It is important to protect state interests; I will meet with Macron VIDEO

The plan to increase salaries and pensions in 2024 is coming soon.
Vui spoke about the opposition's attacks on him and his family.
At the beginning of the visit, President commented on the praise for Serbia regarding the report of the European Commission and said that it is important that progress can be seen in 31 out of 34 chapters.

Macron: looking to build ‘humanitarian coalition’ for Gaza, in talks with Cyprus, Greece

French President Emmanuel Macron, speaking after a European Union summit in Brussels, said several European countries are looking to build up a "humanitarian coalition" regarding Gaza and talks were being held with Cyprus and Greece over this.

"Cyprus could serve as a base for humanitarian operations," Macron said on Friday.


France will End its Military Presence in Niger and Bring Back its Ambassador

French President Emmanuel Macron on Sunday announced that Paris will end its military presence in Niger by the end of 2023, CNN reported.

He also announced that he has decided to bring back the country's Ambassador to Niger, Sylvain Itte, to France

The development comes amid high tensions between the two nations since the military junta seized power in Niger in July.

Macron: I have decided

"I have decided to increase supplies of weapons and equipment to Ukraine, to enable them to carry out attacks deep into the territory. At the same time, we adhere to our doctrine, which aims to enable Ukraine to defend its territory," he said ahead of the NATO summit.
Macron did not specify exactly which rockets it is.