Forging a common policy line

Everyone agrees: Dramatic changes in the region (relations between the United States and Turkey, developments in the Eastern Mediterranean) will have a decisive impact on Greece in the coming decades. The conjecture warrants consensus in the hammering out of Greek foreign policy in the face of nascent tectonic changes.

Institutions in Northern Macedonia Are Changing Their Names Today

The Macedonian government has decided to oblige all institutions to change their public names in the name of the state, in line with amendments to the Constitution, the Constitutional Law on the Implementation of Amendments and the Law on the Use of Languages, reported the Bulgarian National Television. 

Zaev: 'We have a crystal-clear confirmation of the Macedonian language and identity'

Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Prime Minister Zoran Zaev hailed the agreement reached with Greece earlier this month settling the decades-old name dispute, as solving "the biggest problem that was preventing our development since our independence."

Protest in Skopje against name deal; president won't sign it

The citizens who gathered in front of the Macedonian Assembly blocked a boulevard and several nearby streets, while the police was deployed to guard the building, MIA agency reported.

Plusinfo website said that a Molotov cocktail that did not cause a fire was thrown at the police, as well as several bottles, while a stun grenade was also activated.