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Pompeo will Visit Bulgaria

Former Secretary of State of the United States Mike Pompeo will arrive in Sofia to deliver a special lecture.

The American politician and diplomat will speak about the geopolitical importance of Bulgaria at the invitation of the Confederation of Employers and Industrialists.

BSP Leader Vows to Not Give Weapons to Ukraine If She’s in a Future Cabinet

"Today, the Ukrainian ambassador demanded that Bulgaria change its previous position and start exporting weapons to Ukraine. This statement proves that we have not exported arms to them so far and refutes the whole manipulative, lying, organized and paid campaign on this subject against me personally, against the former ministry team and the regular government."

Bulgaria Hosts the Joint Exercise "Balkan Spirit - 2022"

The tripartite traditional joint exercise "Balkan Spirit - 2022" is being held from today, August 22, to September 2, 2022 on the territory of the Plovdiv and Pazardzhik regions. Formations from the Special Forces of the Republic of Bulgaria, Romania and the Republic of Greece participate in it. Tasks will also be performed jointly with the Air Force of the Bulgarian Army.

Bus with Illegal Migrants Crashed in Bulgaria, Driver Died on the Spot

A bus with illegal migrants crashed near Godech, Bulgaria. The driver died on the spot.

Around 6 o'clock this morning, a minibus crashed into a roadside tree. The policemen who arrived at the scene later found a group of illegal migrants in the forest near the accident.

The men claimed to be from Syria and had saved themselves from the crash.