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Mladina deems presidential function important, Pahor bad president

Ljubljana – Commenting on the role of president of the republic in Slovenia as the presidential race in the country is accelerating, Mladina says the constitution and social commitment are the only thing that kept outgoing President Borut Pahor from causing havoc and damage with his politically biased choices during his mandates.

MPs meet over healthcare, TV Slovenija bills, repeal of laws

Ljubljana – The National Assembly is meeting on Thursday to pass several high-profile pieces of legislation, including an emergency bill to tackle long wait times in healthcare, a new bill on the public broadcaster and a bill sponsored by an NGO and backed by nearly 15,000 voters that would repeal changes made by the previous government to 11 laws.

The Czech Exception: A Public Broadcaster Dodges the Illiberal Bullet

In the early years of the transition from communism, the erstwhile one-party states of eastern Europe would put Michnik's dictum to the test. In 1991, a former Czech dissident and lawyer, Hana Marvanova, was working on new regulations designed to remake her country's national broadcaster in the image of the BBC.

Albanian Business Mogul Withdraws From Buying Euronews Albania

The Kastrati Group has given up a sales contract worth 2.37 million euros to buy 60 per cent of Euronews Albania television and has returned its shares to the station's previous owner, Theodhoro Çami.

On July 6, the parties agreed by mutual consent to cancel the April 11 contract and have no further claims against each other.

Sofia: Crash between 2 Public Transport Buses - there are Injuries

An accident between two public transport buses in the capital of Bulgaria. According to initial information, 11 people were injured. There is a child among them.

One of the passengers has a fractured arm, the others are slightly injured. They are accommodated in ISUL and "Pirogov" hospitals.

Demirören Media High School to give scholarship

Demirören Media High School, a vocational school that will train young journalists who will be well-equipped with skills to work in the media sector, will give scholarships to its successful students every month.

Scholarships will be given to students who score above a certain mark in the high school entrance exam (LGS).