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Spanish Law Enforcement Seized a Submarine Loaded with more than 2 Tonnes of Cocaine

Spanish law enforcement has seized a submarine that was loaded with more than 2 tonnes of cocaine, according to the El Pais.

Law enforcement officers have detained at least two people. The submarine was discovered in the waters of Galicia. It is believed that the submarine has arrived from Colombia. There are no other details so far.

Unprecedented demand for flu vaccine

Health experts' warnings over the dangers associated with the flu virus this winter appear to have bolstered demand among the Greek population this year, figures show. About 2,350,000 vaccines have already been distributed across the country and an extra 500,000 doses are on their way to help meet the unprecedented demand for shots. [EPA]

3/4 of Bulgarians Would Seek a Donor, but only 1/3 Would Consent to a Donation

Three-quarters of Bulgarians would seek transplantation when needed, but only one-third would consent to organ donation. This shows a survey conducted at the end of September through 800 interviews, commissioned by the Ministry of Health. The survey was carried out by the sociological agency Alpha Research.

Victor Sebastian Costache, picked for Health Minister (bio)

On October 24, 2019, Prime Minister-designate Ludovic Orban unveiled the composition of his cabinet to be submitted to Parliament for a vote. Victor Sebastian Costache was picked for the position of Health Minister. A specialist in cardiovascular, thoracic and pulmonary surgery, Victor Sebastian Costache was born on March 18, 1974, in Iasi. He is a class of 1998 graduate for the Gr. T.

North Macedonia Vaccine Row Keeps 200 Children from Schools

Education Minister Aeber Ademi said on Tuesday that at least 200 children are not being allowed to attend school because they are not vaccinated, but added that these are only the preliminary numbers that the ministry gathered from education inspectorates across the country, and that the real figure might be higher.

Japan Lifted the Temporary Ban on the Import of Bulgarian Poultry Meat

Japan has lifted the temporary ban on the import of Bulgarian poultry meat, Bulgarian Food Safety Agency (BFSA) reports.

Imports of poultry meat and meat products are now authorized.

The ban was imposed at the end of 2017 due to the worsening epizootic situation in relation to the disease Highly pathogenic avian influenza in Bulgaria.