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CEO of Alexandrovska Hospital: All Planned Surgeries Suspended to Have Enough Beds for Covid Patients

The planned admission to all hospitals in the settlements falling into morbidity red zones in the country is suspended. Sofia city and Sofia district fall into this category with nearly 30,000 infected per 100,000 people. The only reason for stopping scheduled surgeries is to vacate enough beds for Covid patients, told BNT Prof. Boris Bogov, Director of Alexandrovska Hospital.

Bulgaria: Employers Do Not Have Right to Require Vaccination of Their Staffers

 Vaccines for coronavirus are 'recommendable', which means that the patient may refuse to have one, told Bulgaria ON AIR medical law expert Maria Sharkova answering the question of whether employers have the right to set conditions for their employees to be vaccinated.

End of the drama: The EU is saved; the Russians responded: We are waiting for you

Russia previously offered the European Union 100 million doses of its vaccine against COVID-19, but received a cold shower from Brussels, from where the company presenting "Sputnik V" was told that their vaccine is not in the European Union's coronavirus strategy.
However, the EU eventually succumbed.

Infectious Disease Specialist: At Least 2,5 M Bulgarians Have Had Covid-19

"People who have been exposed to Covid-19 in Bulgaria are many times more than the official statistics reports. The real number of people who have had the disease is at least 2.5 million,"Dr. Trifon Valkov from the Infectious Diseases Hospital in Sofia stated in the morning program of Nova TV.