Weather Forecast: Mostly Cloudy with Maximum Temperatures between 13C and 18C

It will be mostly cloudy across Bulgaria today, with fog in plains before noon. In the afternoon, rain will start from the west, and will reach central and eastern Bulgaria overnight. The wind will increase from the east-southeast, especially in the eastern part of the country. Maximum temperatures mostly between 13C and 18C.

Alaska Set a Record High Temperature and a Record Amount of Snowfall in the Same Day

Alaska's largest city has set an absurd, at first glance, record, NOVA reports.

Alaskans have experienced both a record high temperature and a record amount of snowfall in the same day, AP reported.

A temperature of 7.2 degrees, or the highest in mid-November since 1967, was reported on Saturday. Typically, temperatures in mid-November are around 0 C.

France: Nearly 15,000 Households Are still Without Electricity

In southeastern France, nearly 15,000 households are still without electricity after the heavy snowfall caused power outages four days ago.

The snow caused severe transport problems, and on Friday nearly 300,000 households were left without electricity.

On November 14, heavy snow fell in southeastern France, causing severe traffic disruptions as well as power outages.

Weather Forecast: Mostly Cloudy with Moderate Wind

It will be mostly cloudy today, foggy in the plains, with light rain in some places in the south and west. Clouds will temporarily break in the northeast areas, at the end of the day in the southwestern, as well. A moderate wind will start blowing from the southeast. The maximum temperatures will be mostly between 15C and 20C.

NIMH: Mostly Sunny with Maximum Temperatures of 16C to 21C.

The Bulgarian National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (NIMH) is forecasting sunny weather today. Before noon, some places in plains and valleys will see low clouds and fog.

It will be fairly calm, with maximum temperatures of 16C to 21C. Atmospheric pressure will rise and be close to the average for the month.

NIMH: Mostly Cloudy with Showers in some Places - Mainly in the Southwestern Part of the Country

It will be mostly cloudy today. Rain is mainly expected in the southwestern part of the country. Light to moderate southeasterly wind will blow. The maximum temperatures will range between 16C and 21C, reaching 23-24C in places in northeastern Bulgaria. Atmospheric pressure is lower than the monthly average and will continue to decrease.