Weather in Bulgaria: Dangerously Strong Wind, Snow is Coming

On the last day of this week, the light rains that started on Saturday continue in some regions of Eastern Bulgaria. Clouds from west to east will briefly break during the day. Around noon, however, again from west to east the clouds will again take over the horizon. The rains from the next Mediterranean cyclone will be in the evening, at night and on Monday until noon.

Serbia facing temperature shock; From -1 to +15 in just a few days

According to the announcements of the Republic Hydro-meteorological Institute (RHMZ), temperatures below zero will remain for at least another two to three days.
"For the weekend and the beginning of next week, very cold weather with moderate and strong morning frosts and daily temperature below 0 degrees. From Tuesday, the temperature will rise," it is stated on the RHMZ website.

Weather in Bulgaria: Snow in Northern Regions, Rains in Southern

Atmospheric pressure in the morning will be lower than average. During the day it will rise and by evening will be close to normal.

Today, with interruptions, rainfalls will continue and in many places will be significant. In northwestern Bulgaria it will mainly snow, as thicker snow cover will form.

Weather in Bulgaria: Still Warm for Winter, Rainfalls Coming

Today, clouds will be getting denser - first in the southwest, and by the end of the day the sky will be overcast over the whole country.

Winds from the southwest will be light to moderate,.

In the evening hours rains will fall that will continue throughout the night. In some places at higher than 1300 m a.s.l. it will snow, and in the lower regions rains are expected.

Bulgaria: Weather Today

Today, the rainfall in the eastern regions will quickly stop, clouds will break starting from southwest and replaced by sunny weather. Even before noon, the wind in the whole country will be blowing from west-northwest and will be moderate to strong, but by the evening it will weaken, according to a reference on the NIMH website.