Temperatures Will Drop, the Real Summer Is Expected in the Beginning of August

A new lowering of the temperatures is coming, which will be felt mainly in Central and Eastern Bulgaria on Tuesday night and Wednesday.

Cyclonic activity northeast of Bulgaria and a high pressure centre over Central Europe are prerequisites for cooler air masses to the Balkans from the north.

Rain Showers Accompanied by Thunder Today in Bulgaria, Maximum Temperatures from 25C in Northeast to 35C in Southwest

Today, in the eastern part of the country, and later into the day in the mountainous areas of western Bulgaria, cumulus and cumulonimbus clouds will form. Expect rain showers accompanied by thunder and temporary strong winds, hailstorms are possible. A light to moderate northwest wind, or northeast in the east of the country, will bring cooler air.

Will the Weather in Bulgaria Surprise us Next Week?

Today it will be mostly sunny after noon - with temporary clouds increases. In Eastern Bulgaria, a mild to moderate southeast wind will blow. The maximum temperatures will be between 30 and 35 degrees, according to the NIMH forecast.
The atmospheric pressure is higher than the average for the month and will remain unchanged.

It will be mostly Sunny Today in Bulgaria, Isolated Showers and Thunder Possible

It will be mostly sunny today, meteorologist Martin Slavchev of the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (NIMH) told Focus News Agency. Around noon and in the afternoon, mainly in the western part of the country, rain clouds will form, with possibility of isolated showers and thunder, with a chance of local hail, too.

Mostly Sunny Weather Today, Highs between 27C and 32C

It will be mostly sunny today, with some cloudy spells in the afternoon and a few isolated showers. It will be a quiet and fine day, with maximum temperatures mostly between 27C and 32C, meteorologist Boryana Markova of the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (NIMH)told Focus News Agency.

A New Cyclone Is Expected to Cross over Greece Today

Today in Greece is expected the peak of the dangerous meteorological phenomena.

Мeteorologists warn that the cyclone, which flooded roads, houses and shops, was once again entering the western part of the country.

Within a few hours, it will reach Northern Greece with short, but heavy rainfall, and sometimes with hailstorms.