Minimum wage

Ongoing discussion on minimum wage increase

Discussions are underway this Sunday for the new minimum wage increase, effective April 1.

Initiated on February 5, the process involves consultations scheduled to conclude by March 22, presenting recommendations to set the minimum wage. 

This marks the fourth consecutive increase by the government, from 650 euros in 2019 to €780 in April 2023. 

Long and rocky road to average salary of 1,500 euros

The road to increasing the minimum wage to 950 euros and the average salary to €1,500 by 2027, as the government has pledged, is difficult and long.

According to academics and labor experts, the goal is hard to achieve even at nominal prices. As they say, after the increase in the minimum wage, the average has been set at €1,200.

Minimum wage set to exceed €800 by April, says FM

The National Economy and Finance Minister, Kostis Hatzidakis, announced on Sunday that the minimum wage increase, set to exceed 800 euros, will be revealed by the end of March to take effect from April 1. 

In an interview on SKAI TV, Hatzidakis emphasized the government's commitment to redistributing surplus in case of high growth rates. 

Concerns Rise as Small Consumer Basket in Bulgaria Sees 5.9% Price Hike

The Institute for Social and Trade Union Research has revealed that the value of the small consumer basket, consisting of 20 essential products, witnessed a substantial 5.9% increase in 2023 compared to the previous year. This surge, from BGN 107.03 to BGN 113.72, has raised concerns about the economic well-being of the general population.

Earlier minimum salary hike

The acceleration of the process of determining the minimum salary, in order for the increase to be implemented earlier and to support employees in practice, will be one the first interventions by the new Minister of Labor, Domna Michailidou, as she tells Kathimerini.