Tragic end: Little Rayan died just half an hour after he was pulled out of the well

According to Al Jazeera Morocco, official information has arrived that the boy did not survive the operation.
Let us remind you, a five-year-old boy Rayan, who was trapped underground for days, in a well 32 meters deep in Morocco, was pulled out after several days of rescue operation.
Rescuers dug a canal parallel to the well for days, and the last meters were dug by hand.

Turkish teacher falls victim to femicide in United States

A Turkish woman has fallen victim to an incident of femicide, but this time in the United States, not in Turkey where a woman is killed by someone she knows almost every day.

Bengü Metin, a 38-year-old teacher, was found fatally shot by her ex-husband in Virginia, just six days after she was granted a divorce. Her mother, Semra Metin, also suffered multiple gunshot wounds.

Bulgarians Celebrate Saint Nicholas Day

Thousands of Bulgarians have a name day today, sailors and bankers celebrate as well, the Church honors St. Nicholas the Miracle Worker of Myra. St. Nicholas Day is also the day of the Bulgarian city Burgas.

The name means "winner", name day celebrate people with the names: Nikola, Nikolay, Nikolina, Nikoleta, Nina, Kolyo and their derivatives.

Turkish traffic cop, stray dog become best friends

Over the last year, a Turkish traffic cop and a loyal stray dog have become the best of friends, staying side by side day after day, through both sickness and health.

Halis Arslan, a traffic cop who has served at the same intersection in the Black Sea city of Sinop for over a dozen years, met Köpük (Foam) over a year ago while on duty.

Plans to strengthen agri-food startups through Elevate Greece is being studied

Start-ups in agriculture/food come fourth in terms of population in the National Register - Elevate Greece and the goal of the Ministry of Development and Investment is, more effectively, link the agricultural economy and production with research and entrepreneurship, combined with use of new innovative technologies.