2024 Is Here: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, dear readers of!

As we step into 2024, we extend our warmest wishes for a year filled with hope, joy, and prosperity. May this new chapter bring success to your endeavors, health to your loved ones, and boundless happiness to your lives.

Greeks Travel every week to Bulgaria for Cheaper Food

Greeks travel every week to Bulgaria and North Macedonia for cheap food, according to a media survey of residents of northern Greece.

Dairy products from Bulgaria are most in demand, because the prices of these goods have risen on the Greek market by 40%, say the Greeks, who are again waiting at the Bulgarian border.

Bulgaria: 35 Illegal Migrants were found in a House in the Capital's Banishora District

35 illegal migrants were found in a house in Sofia during a police operation.

The illegal migrants were caught during an operation of the Metropolitan Directorate of Internal Affairs in the "Banishora" district. They were found in a house on Sofronii Vrachanski Street.

Bulgaria: Taxis in Sofia to Increase in price by 15%

The representatives of the taxi industry have received assurances that a 15 percent increase in fares is set in a report that will be considered in the Sofia Municipal Council (SOC) on October 27.

The speakers are the chairman of the transport commission Carlos Contrera, its vice-chairman Zafir Zarkov, as well as Ivan Takov, vice-chairman of the finance and budget committee.