Politics of Bulgaria

Bulgarian National Assembly Halts Meetings Amid Election Campaign

The majority in the Bulgarian National Assembly has opted to suspend regular plenary sessions and committee meetings for the duration of the pre-election campaign leading up to the parliamentary elections. The decision, which comes amidst a backdrop of heightened political tension and anticipation, has elicited both support and criticism from various quarters.

In Bulgarian Politics, Acting PM Warns: Accept My Proposals Or Deal With The Consequences

Acting Prime Minister Dimitar Glavchev has issued a stern warning regarding proposed changes to the Bulgarian cabinet, asserting that the responsibility for any impediments to his ministerial appointments will fall squarely on those who oppose them.

Bulgaria: Political Chaos as TISP, BSP, and "Revival" Seek No Confidence Vote in Glavchev Cabinet

Amidst escalating tensions in Bulgarian politics, the stage is set for a potential showdown as deputies from "There Is Such a People" (TISP) throw their weight behind a motion of no confidence in the "Glavchev" cabinet, joining forces with the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) and "Revival."

GERB Leads with 10% Margin in Bulgarian Polls Ahead of the Elections

In the run-up to Bulgaria's National Assembly elections, a recent Gallup International survey conducted for BNT has unveiled intriguing insights into the political landscape of the country. The survey, carried out between March 28 and April 5, canvassed 805 adult Bulgarians, providing a snapshot of voter sentiments as the nation stands on the cusp of pivotal political decisions.

Bulgaria's Ex-PM Denounces Corruption and Russian Influence in FT Interview

Bulgaria's outgoing Prime Minister, Academician Nikolai Denkov, has condemned corruption as the primary conduit for Russian interference in the country's affairs. In a recent interview with the Financial Times, Denkov highlighted the deep-rooted ties between corruption and Russian influence, attributing them to the collapse of the ruling coalition.

10th Caretaker Government in Bulgaria's History: Glavchev Cabinet Sworn In

Bulgaria inaugurated the "Glavchev" cabinet in an extraordinary session of the National Assembly, marking the 10th caretaker government in the country's history, 6th in the last 4 years. However, this administration carries particular significance as it is the first to take its oath before the parliament rather than the president, following recent constitutional amendments.

Dimitar Glavchev's Proposed Cabinet Structure Sparks Political Reactions

In a tense political climate, the proposed cabinet formation by acting Prime Minister candidate Dimitar Glavchev has ignited controversy and accusations from various political quarters. The unveiling of the draft structure and composition of the Council of Ministers took place amidst consultations attended by the head of state, Rumen Radev, and representatives from parliamentary factions.

Glavchev to Meet Radev on Caretaker Government Proposal; Consecutive Elections Not Possible

In line with constitutional protocol, President Rumen Radev will convene with Dimitar Glavchev, the candidate for acting Prime Minister, tomorrow, April 5th, at 9:30 a.m. at "Dondukov" 2. Glavchev, assigned on March 30th to propose a composition for a caretaker government, is expected to present his official cabinet draft during the meeting.