Post-Soviet conflicts

Bulgaria’s President: Ukraine Insists on Fighting this War but Europe Pays the Bill

"Ukraine insists on waging this war. But it should also be clear that the whole of Europe is paying the bill. And this war has many dimensions.

I say again, it is not only purely military - it has an economic, social and political dimension. It is a threat and a risk to all of Europe."

Bulgaria’s Ministry of Defense does not think that the War in Ukraine can be Transferred to NATO Territories

The Ministries of Defense does not believe that the war in Ukraine can be transferred to NATO territories.

This was announced by the Deputy Minister of Defense Atanas Zapryanov in a comment on the published reports on the security of the State Agency for National Security" (SANS), the State Intelligence Agency (SIA) and the military intelligence.

Bulgaria’s National Security Agency: Military Actions in Ukraine may also Spread into other Countries

"Military actions in Ukraine have the potential to spread beyond Ukrainian territory and the option of using weapons of mass destruction cannot be completely ruled out". This is according to a report of the State Agency "National Security" (SANS), published on the website of the Council of Ministers.