"Nonsense, Zelensky; There is no NATO country that would want to..."

"It seems crazy to me that he insists on this. This move is in favor of Putin. He wants to claim that he is fighting against NATO, and not against a criminal invasion of a neighboring country," he said. "So, I think this is not good for Ukraine," adds McCaffrey.
As reported by Newsweek, it is unlikely that Ukraine will get membership in NATO until the war against Russia is over, which is what the U.S. President said over the weekend, mostly because of Article 5 of the Alliance - that an attack on a NATO country the alliance will treat as an attack on all member countries. In other words, it would then mean that the entire NATO would be at war with Russia.
McCaffrey said NATO countries do not want to join the Russia-Ukraine war because experts say it would mean an escalation of the conflict. He noted that although Ukraine is not a member state, NATO and other allies have offered it significant military assistance that is credited with turning the tide of the war in their favor.
"There is no possibility that any NATO member would want to enter into an air, land, or sea war against Russia," said McCaffrey. "Zelensky and Ukraine receive tens of billions of dollars in economic, humanitarian and military support, not only from NATO but also from contact groups," he concluded.

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