Presidency of Donald Trump

Between two worlds: The role of the OECD

The 21st century's second decade was marked by numerous disputes concerning previous achievements. After the dramatic reduction of world poverty, the development of movement in several sectors and the rapid evolution of technology, the post-Cold War model began to decline. The recent globalization indicators are already showing a downward trend.

Trump is a disturbed guy, Dukakis tells Kathimerini

"No need to be shocked. Trump is a very disturbed guy," 1988 Democratic nominee for US president Mike Dukakis tells Kathimerini in a brief interview. "And what happened last Wednesday may just be what we need to get him out of the nation's politics permanently. In the meantime, the Democrats will now control Congress as well as the White House, and that should be good news for all of us."

Trump signed

US President Donald Trump signed a COVID-19 relief package in the amount of 900 billion dollars, which ended the several-day drama due to his refusal to sign the bill and approve the legislation that was adopted in both houses of Congress.

Disaster in the United States: Nearly 220.000 of newly infected

At the same time, almost 2.500 people died from the consequences of COVID-19, according to updated data published by Johns Hopkins University this day at 20.30 local time.
U.S. health authorities expected this leap in the numbers of infected people after the travel of millions of Americans on the occasion of Thanksgiving Day ten days ago, despite calls to stay at home.