Prostitution law

Greek trans author opens up on Ant-1 TV’s “OLA” after midnight

Greek transgender author Anna Kouroupou will talk with host of Ant-1 TV’s late night show “OLA”, Themos Anastasiadis on sex reassignment, prostitution, bullying and gender studies at school. The author opens up about her tough life experiences, including her gang rape, men and the dark path to prostitution. Don’t miss the show a little after midnight on Tuesday on Ant-1 TV.

Safety before sex (prostitutes wear reflective jackets-pics)

The sexy outfits worn by the ladies in the outdoors ‘prostitution industry’, or lack therieof, is their selling point to potential customers. Unfortunately for the women, this might be about to change on a main road in Milan, Italy. The girls will be compelled to swap their clothes for reflective protection jackets and trousers, or face a 500 Euro fine.