Russian Armed Forces

Moscow's retaliation: "Dagger" (Kh-47M2 Kinzhal) was used; It's payback time...VIDEO

The Ministry of Defense of Russia announced today that the armed forces of Russia carried out an intensive attack on military facilities in Ukraine, in response to the terrorist actions organized by Kyiv in the Bryansk region, which is a border region of Russia.

Day 323 of the Invasion of Ukraine: Putin replaces the Commander of the Russian Forces after Only 3 Months on the Job

Here are the highlights of events related to the war in Ukraine over the past 24 hours:

London: Russia uses paratroopers as rapid reaction units in Ukraine

Russian commanders in southern and eastern Ukraine are using airborne forces as "elite rapid reaction units", according to a British Ministry of Defense briefing.

Russia says scores of soldiers killed in Ukrainian strike

Russia on Monday said more than 60 soldiers were killed in a Ukrainian strike on Russian-controlled territory in a New Year assault, the biggest loss of life reported by Moscow so far.

Kiev took responsibility for the strike, which it said took place in the occupied city of Makiivka in eastern Ukraine on New Year's Eve.

11 Russian troops slain at shooting range as fighting rages

At least 11 Russian soldiers were killed Saturday in a shooting incident that underlined the challenges posed by Russian President Vladimir Putin's hasty mobilization, just as Ukrainian troops pressed an offensive to reclaim the areas in the country's south that were illegally annexed by Moscow.

They prepare for war with Russia? Now they got answer: "History taught you nothing?"

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that Polish authorities were taking a "furious attitude on the verge of madness" towards Russia, while Russian senator Alexei Pushkov told Polish officials to learn the lessons of history before they start preparing for war with Russia.
"Poland is preparing for war with Russia? History does not teach the Polish elite anything," Puskov said.

"Russians lie, there aren't that many of them"

This is the conclusion reached by the British Ministry of Defense in its daily report on the situation in Ukraine.
"Despite the war in Ukraine, on September 1, the Russian military started exercise Vostok 22, its Annual Joint Strategic Exercise, marking the culmination of the military training year", British Ministry wrote on Twitter.

Russians sent submarines to the Adriatic Sea; "If they only fire one missile..."

Just to recall, Italian newspaper "La Repubblica" announced that Russian warships tried to block the exit of the American aircraft carrier "Harry Truman" from the Adriatic Sea. They were allegedly at the height of Ancona, and Akrap points out that the Russian frigate "Admiral Grigorovic" was also at the height of Split, seen from the Croatian coast.