Russian irredentism

Ukraine Thwarts Russian Border Breach Attempt: Governor Reports Intensified Shelling in Kharkiv Region

Ukrainian authorities reported that Russian forces attempted to breach the border with Ukraine using sabotage groups. Governor Oleg Sinegubov of the northeastern Kharkiv region revealed that the city of Vovchansk faced intensified shelling amid these attempts.

Ukraine-Russia Drone Clash: Arms Delivery Urgency, HIMARS From Germany

Russian air defenses have successfully intercepted multiple Ukrainian drones flying over Russian territory. This development comes amidst Ukrainian President's renewed plea for expedited deliveries of weapons and ammunition to bolster the Ukrainian army's capabilities.

Russian Foreign Ministry Warns France: Sending Troops to Ukraine Risks Becoming Targets

Amid escalating tensions between Russia and the West, in the context of the war in Ukraine, Moscow issued a stern warning to France, cautioning that any deployment of French troops to Ukraine would make them legitimate targets for the Russian military.

Russia to Conduct Military Exercises with Tactical Nuclear Weapons

Reports from AFP and Reuters have revealed that Russia is set to conduct military exercises in the near future, involving the use of tactical nuclear weapons. The maneuvers, ordered by President Vladimir Putin, aim to test the readiness of non-strategic nuclear forces and will include preparation and deployment drills.

Haggling over Greek aid to Ukraine

The protracted nature of the war in Ukraine and the signal sent a few days ago by the US Congress of the continued bipartisan commitment to Ukraine, with a substantial aid package, are putting pressure on Europeans to continue the flow of weapons systems and ammunition to Ukrainian forces.