Russian irredentism

Biden rejects F-16s for Ukraine as Russia claims advances

President Joe Biden said Monday the United States would not provide F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine, as Kiev expands the list of weaponry it needs to be better able to drive Russian forces from occupied territories.

Fighting continued at key points along the long front as Russian forces sought to expand their hold on territory in the Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine.

Boris Johnson: Putin threatened to lob missile at me

President Vladimir Putin threatened to personally target Boris Johnson with a missile attack just before ordering Russian forces into Ukraine, the former UK prime minister has claimed.

The apparent threat came in a phone call just ahead of the invasion on February 24, according to a new BBC documentary to be broadcast on Monday.

Day 340 of the Invasion of Ukraine: Kyiv is Negotiating the Supply of Long-Range Missiles

Here are the highlights of events related to the war in Ukraine over the past 24 hours:

Kyiv is negotiating the supply of long-range missiles

Ukraine is in intensive talks with its allies to provide long-range missiles. Kyiv introduced sanctions against hundreds of companies from Russia and Belarus.

Germany has Apologized for a Leopard Joke that offended Africans

Germany apologized yesterday for using a leopard emoji  to mock Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Twitter, which offended Africans, the Associated Press reported, quoted by BTA.

Germany's foreign ministry joked with Russia's foreign minister during his tour of Africa, tweeting that he was not there to look for leopards but was trying to justify Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

The Ukraine war and the East Med

The war in Ukraine is a storm raging in Europe's east. But its consequences will be felt in the south. The Eastern Mediterranean is likely to be affected in a variety of ways, with particular implications for Greece and its neighbors. Russia's presence and actions are one element in this equation. The effects of the war on the global order and the aspirations of regional powers are another.