Russian irredentism

The Presidential Elections Begin in Russia

Amid a three-day voting period for Russia's presidential elections, Vladimir Putin stands poised to secure a fifth term in office, despite growing international concern over the legitimacy of the process. The elections held not only within Russia but also in the occupied territories of Ukraine, have sparked a wave of criticism and accusations from neighboring countries.

Putin Urges Residents of Annexed Regions to Vote in Russian Presidential Elections

Russian President Vladimir Putin has called upon citizens across Russia, including those residing in the annexed territories of Crimea and Donbas, to participate in the upcoming presidential elections and "express their will and wishes" for the future of the country.

Another One: Ukrainian Naval Drones Sink Russian Warship in Crimea!

The party has started in Crimea as explosions rocked the region overnight, targeting the military ship "Sergey Kotov," resulting in its sinking, according to reports from Unian. The fate of the crew remains uncertain as authorities continue to assess the situation in the aftermath of the attack.

Russia Accused of Destabilizing Moldova Amid Transnistria Tensions

Amid tensions in Moldova, French diplomacy has raised concerns over what it perceives as Moscow's involvement in "attempts to destabilize" the country. Pro-Russian separatists from Transnistria, a breakaway region of Moldova, have reportedly sought assistance from Moscow, prompting speculation about Russia's role in the unfolding situation, AFP reported.