Serbian Air Force and Air Defence

Serbian military to receive Russian transport planes

This will come as part of a military-technical agreement reached between the presidents of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Serbia, Vulin said.

He spoke while visiting the Batajnica military airport near Belgrade, where works are underway to overhaul and upgrade MiG-29 jets donated by Russia last year.

Vulin: We have strongest air force in region

BELGRADE - The Serbian Armed Forces will continue to acquire new equipment, in particular in departments worst hit by the NATO aggression, says Serbian Defence Minister Aleksandar Vulin, noting that the addition of six Russian MiG-29 jets had made the Serbian air force not only powerful, but probably one of the strongest in the region.

Serbia's new MiGs are 28 years old, generation 4+

The six MiG-29s that Russia has donated and delivered to Serbia will enter service in 2018, RTS is reporting.

All six warplanes will be assembled by October 20, Belgrade Liberation Day, and shown for the first time during the celebrations.

After they have been overhauled and modernized, the MiGs will be classified as generation 4+ military jets.

Serbian, Russian air forces kick off joint exercise

MOSCOW - Pilots of the Serbian Air Force and Air Defence and the Russian Aerospace Defence Forces on Wednesday kicked off BARS 2017, their third joint flight and tactical exercise.

This year, BARS is held at the Lipetsk-2 airport in the city of Lipetsk, 500 km southeast of Moscow, the Serbian Ministry of Defence said in a statement.

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Vulin: MiG-29 jets to be unveiled at October 20 ceremony

NOVI SAD - Serbian Defence Minister Aleksandar Vulin said on Tuesday all six MiG-29 jets acquired by the Serbian Air Force - two of which arrived from Russia late Monday - would be in Serbia by Friday and unveiled at an October 20 ceremony that will mark the anniversary of the WWII liberation of Belgrade.

Serbian military pilots join Russians for BARS 2017 exercise

Serbian Air Force pilots and those from the Russian Aerospace Defense Forces on Wednesday started their third joint flight and tactical exercise.

The drill, dubbed BARS 2017, is taking place at the Lipetsk-2 airport, some 500 kilometers southeast of Moscow, the Serbian Ministry of Defense said in a statement.