Five "tank killers" from Cyprus: A powerful helicopter is arriving in Serbia

According to the unofficial information of "Novosti", negotiations are underway for five aircraft that the Cypriot army owns in its air force. The first aircraft could arrive as early as this year. After this delivery, the fleet of flying "tank killers" in the Serbian Army will number a total of nine helicopters.
Negotiations with Cyprus on this business have been ongoing since 2021, and the purchase and sale of combat helicopters was also among the topics during the visit of the Cypriot Minister of Defense to Belgrade, in early December last year. Nicosia has "advertised" for sale 11 of these aircraft, and Belgrade is interested in taking over five, in a broader arrangement that would include a two-way exchange of military equipment. Cyprus has already bought 24 "Nora" howitzers and eight "Milos" light armored vehicles from Serbia, and they are also interested in Serbian rocket artillery, such as "Tamnava".
Leadership of the Serbian Armed Forces eagerly awaits final negotiations:
"With the acquisition of Cypriot Mi-35 aircraft, we would get a strong combat helicopter squadron. This is especially important as a support to the forces on the ground. It is a well-armored and powerfully armed aircraft, which is respected by the world's largest powers," the Serbian Army states.
The Mi-35 helicopter, however, is one of the reinforcements for the Serbian Air Force expected during this year. Commander of the Army and Defense Forces Lieutenant General Duko arkovi says that the procurement agenda planned for 2023 is well filled.
"We are expected to continue equipping transport aircraft, multipurpose helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, missile systems and radar equipment," says Duko arkovi.
"Also, the modernization of the MiG 29...

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