Slavic countries

Slavic Carnivals exhibition to be held in Belgrade in June

BELGRADE - The Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade will host an exhibition titled Slavic Carnivals, authored by curators of 12 museums in Slavic countries, in June.

The exhibition, organized by the Forum of Slavic Cultures, under the auspices of UNESCO, will also feature a round table on new forms of carnival as tourism potential.

Montenegro, Bosnia at Loggerheads Over Border

Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina are no closer to settling a row over their borders in the Sutorina area.
As far as Montenegro is concerned, the Sutorina issue should be removed from discussion as soon as possible, the Foreign Minister, Igor Lukcic, told a parliamentary hearing on Friday.  "Our position is clear and I do not see that anything can change it," Luksic said.

Ukraine receives first Russian gas since June cut

Energy-starved Ukraine said Dec. 9 it had received the first Russian natural gas shipments since a politically charged price dispute saw Moscow cut off supplies to its Westward-leaning neighbor in June.

The announcement means that the war-torn nation of 45 million people should have enough power to heat homes through the bitter winter months.

Czech firms welcome to Serbia

PRAGUE - Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said in Prague on Friday that full EU membership is Serbia's strategic goal, and noted that along that path Serbia wants to revive its economy, and that Czech companies are welcome to assist Serbia in the process.