Small business

SMEs are biggest employers

Almost half} (46.6%) of all employees in Greece work at very small businesses with up to nine staff, compared to a rate of 29.4% in the EU. In contrast, large companies employ approximately 16.5% of workers in Greece, compared to almost 35.6% in the EU.

What concerns aspiring young workers

The lack of previous experience, the competition and the skills (soft and hard ones) that companies look for are the biggest concerns of the new generation, which is trying to combine the passion for what they study with the needs as well as the high labor market requirements, the Entrepreneurship and Careers Panorama heard on Friday at the Athens Concert Hall.

How to Launch a Small Business in Today’s Economic Climate

The current economic climate poses obvious challenges for any business, and especially for new small businesses. The country entered a technical recession with two consecutive quarters of shrinking GDP, and more than 80 percent of small business owners anticipate a recision. This is in the midst of 40-year high inflation rates that are impacting business.