Social Issues

Impunity and abuses

Chronic impunity fosters and multiplies abuses of the law. There are many examples everywhere in the country.

Even when the law is enforced on paper, inaction in the execution of any decisions is interpreted as a blank check to continue with business as usual.

Romania Charges Andrew Tate with Human Trafficking and Rape

The Romanian organised crime prosecutors on Tuesday charged brothers Andrew and Tristan Tate with organising a criminal group, aggravated human trafficking, aggravated rape, unlawful access to a computer system, tampering with the integrity of computer data and instigating battery or other violence.

Bulgaria: National Palace of Culture to light blue for World Refugee Day

The National Palace of Culture (NDK), in Sofia will be lit in the colour blue on the evening of 20 June to mark World Refugee Day. The initiative is part of UNHCR's, the UN Refugee Agency, marking of the international day to honour people who have been forced to flee.

Five Greek police officers in custody pending trial for assisting illegal migrant crossings

Five police officers accused of cooperating with human traffickers to facilitate the entry of at least 100 migrants into Greece are being held in custody pending trial.

The five officers had been testifying before an examining magistrate since Saturday morning at the border town of Orestiada, in northeastern Greece.

The desperation of pro-Europe Turks

Since the polls closed in Turkey on Sunday, there have been many desperate messages from acquaintances and friends in the country who cannot stand the idea of another five years of authoritarianism and oppression. They had believed, especially after the deadly earthquakes in southeastern Turkey, that the opposition would win the elections. Reality crushed them.

Share Your Experience: School Violence in South Eastern Europe

According to UNESCO, school violence is a major problem. Its report, Behind the numbers: ending school violence and bullying, published in 2019, shows that more than one in three students (36%) has been involved in a physical fight with another student, and almost one in three (32.4%) has been physically attacked at least once in 2018. 

In 2022: 22.9% of Bulgarians were below the Poverty Threshold of 525.92 Leva per month

In 2022, the total poverty line for Bulgaria was BGN 525.92 per household member per month. With this size of the poverty line, 1.5719 million people, or 22.9% of the country's population, were below the poverty line, according to data from the National Statistical Institute.