Social Issues

SANU on Kosovo: "It is also possible that Pristina is the capital of Texas"

This was said in SANU at the panel of the library where the book "Secession from the standpoint of domestic and international law and its political consequences: Proceedings of the scientific meeting held on July 3, 2020", edited by academician Kosta Cavoski, was presented.

Bulgarian Prosecution Knew about Released Video Tape with Police Brutality

The prosecutor's office has taken the case of police violence under the columns of the Council of Ministers under special supervision, Nova TV reports.

The pre-trial proceedings were initiated last year, but there is no evidence that any of the police officers identified as participants have been prosecuted.

Roma in Kosovo Protest for Investigation of ‘Czech Floyd’ Death

Holding banners with slogans like "We are Tomas", "How many weren't filmed?" and "I can't breathe", protesters marched from Pristina city centre to the Czech Embassy where they called on the Prague authorities to investigate the death last month of Stanislav Tomas, a Czech Roma man.

Member of the Management Board Petnica: "This is hogwash" VIDEO

He pointed out that until a month ago, he did not know of a case where a man marked "S" sexually harassed girls at a research station Petnica.
Asked how he did not know for four years why "S" was fired, he told TV Prva that "Petnica is a type of instantaneous water heater and many people come and go."

Gov't approves National Strategy to prevent and combat anti-Semitism, xenophobia, radicalization and hate speech

The Government has approved the National Strategy and associated Action Plan to prevent and combat anti-Semitism, xenophobia, radicalization and hate speech, said Alexandru Muraru, honorary advisor to the Prime Minister, special representative of the Government for the Promotion of Memory Policies, Combating Anti-Semitism and Xenophobia.

Germany to Step on “Emergency Break” to Curb Third Wave of Coronavirus Infections

In an effort to reassert its authority in combatting the coronavirus pandemic and stem a third wave of infections sweeping the country, Germany's central government agreed today on a set of national measures - including night-time curfews.