Solar flare

NASA Reveals What the Sun's 'Dynamic Movement' Sounds Like (Video)

A new video released by NASA reveals what it sounds like when the Sun moves, waves, loops and erupts to our ears, and how it might help them study the giant star.

The U.S. space agency says using data captured by the European Space Agency and its own Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, NASA has been able to study the "dynamic movement" of our Sun for more than 20 years. 

SHOCKING! The moment a flare burns through a woman’s leg! (disturbing VIDEO)

A shocking video shows the moments of agony a woman is suffering after being hit by a stray navy flare, reportedly fired from anarchists after the riots in downtown Athens. The woman can be seen screaming surrounded by firefighters who are desperately trying to extinguish the flare burning in her leg.

Astronomers Registered a New Powerful Solar Eruption

Another severe solar eruption with mark of X8,2 was recorded on Sunday evening. Reports Chronicle. 

The X-ray Astronomy Laboratory of the Physics Institute "P. N. Lebedev "published a schedule of solar activity, according to which the eruption was from 18.35 am to 19.31 am on Sunday Moscow time. The peak of activity was at 19.06.

Two solar eruptions caused geomagnetic storm

As was announced by US National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), two solar eruptions occurred on Sunday causing a strong geomagnetic storm on Tuesday’s earth atmosphere that could disrupt electricity and telecommunications networks.

However, according to the announcement, no problems have been reported so far.