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Survey: Every Fifth Bulgarian has been in the Car with a Drunk Driver

Nearly one fifth of Bulgarians have been in the car with a driver who has consumed alcohol. 37% have witnessed how their relative or acquaintance gets behind the wheel after using alcohol or drugs. 275,000 Bulgarians admit that they drove while intoxicated. This is indicated by the data from a survey by the sociological agency "Trend".

Bulgaria: The Court finally set a 140 km/h Maximum Speed Limit on the Highway

The Supreme Administrative Court (SAC) has finally canceled the 20-year-old legally enshrined circumstance, in which the Bulgarian regulatory framework gives different answers to the question of what is the highest speed for driving on a highway. This was reported by

Bulgaria: In One Day, Police caught 26 Drivers with Alcohol and 14 with Drugs in their Blood

On the fifth day of the specialized police operation, 26 drivers were caught behind the wheel after drinking alcohol - 17 of them drove after drinking alcohol from 0.5 to 1.2 per thousand, and nine - with more than 1.2 per thousand.14 drivers were caught driving under the influence of narcotic substances or their analogs, the Ministry of the Interior reports.

Speed limits on highways increase on July 1

The increase of speed limits by 10 to 20 kilometers per hour on highways across the country will start as of July 1.

The speed limits on some highways will be increased from 120 to 130 kph and from 120 to 140 kph on other roads. The speed limit will be 140 kph for the highways whose construction works are ongoing and will open to service in the future.