Traffic law

Traffic police release road death data

Eighteen people were killed in traffic accidents on the streets of the Greek capital in June alone, police data released on Wednesday showed, with reckless driving to blame for most accidents.
A total of 491 traffic accidents were reported last month in the Attica area, resulting in 21 serious and 565 lighter injuries.

License plates to be returned for election

Motorists who have had their license plates removed for minor parking offenses will be able to reclaim them from the confiscating authority in the runup to Sunday's election, the Transport Ministry said on Wednesday.
The decision, which does not benefit motorists nabbed for "anti-social" violations like parking on a wheelchair ramp, was made to facilitate voters needing to travel.

Traffic on 'Trakia' Motorway was Restored in the Direction of Burgas

The traffic on 'Trakia' Motorway, in the direction of Burgas, at 135 km, was restored, API announced.

All citizens and transport companies can receive information about the current traffic situation from the API website -, as well as at any time of the day at 0700 130 20 at the API.

Specialized Operation of Traffic Police Starts All Over the Country

The police teams will be located on sections with increased traffic, reported NOVA TV. 

Specialized Operation of Traffic Police starts all over the country, informs the Ministry of Interior. Control of speed, driver's license, use of safety belts and child safety systems will be strengthened.

18 Serious Road Accidents Have Been Reported for the Past Twenty-Four Hours

Over the past day, 18 serious road accidents have been reported on the Bulgaria's territory, the Ministry of Interior reports. There aren't any death cases, but 22 people were injured. There are 25 light and two serious car crashes with two injuries in Sofia for the day.

Truck Inverted on the Trakia Motorway

Due to inverted truck, the movement in the active and in the emergency lane at the 27th kilometer of Trakia Motorway in the direction of Burgas is temporarily restricted. Traffic is carried out in the passing lane and is regulated by the "Traffic Police".

Drivers should move with heightened attention and appropriate speed.