Traffic law

New High-Speed Patrol Cars Boost Bulgarian Traffic Police Fleet

The Bulgarian traffic police have received 86 new patrol cars, part of a larger delivery that will total 420 vehicles by the end of the year. Some of these cars are high-speed models, designated for monitoring traffic on the busiest sections of the the first-class road network and motorways.

Delinquent motorists to be given licenses, plates back for vote

Thessaloniki Municipality on Monday said drivers who have had their licenses and/or plates revoked for non-serious traffic violations can get them back ahead of Sunday's European Parliament election. 

The move, which is customary for the entire country during elections and major holidays, is designed to lift impediments to those who need to travel to their constituencies to vote. 

Thessaloniki bus driver convicted

A Thessaloniki bus driver was sentenced to five months in prison, with a three-year suspension, after being found guilty of injuring an elderly woman who fell as she tried to board the city bus. 

The Three-Member Criminal Court of Thessaloniki found him guilty of bodily harm by negligence. 

Man rammed by car in road rage incident in west Athens

A 43-year-old man was rammed by another motorist on Tuesday morning during what is believed to be a road rage incident, in the western Athenian suburb of Aigaleo. 

According to reports, the victim, who was in his car with his wife, got into an altercation with a group of three men in another car over unknown reasons.

Road Safety Crisis in Bulgaria with 650 Killed and 8,000 Injured in 1 Year: Experts Call for Action

In Bulgaria, road safety experts highlight a grim statistic: approximately 650 individuals lose their lives each year in road accidents, with an additional 8,000 sustaining serious injuries. Vladimir Todorov, chairman of the Association of Accident Victims, addressed this concerning trend on BNT, emphasizing a stagnation in accident rates over the past decade.