Types of tourism

Crete second to top destination setting trends in niche tourism

Crete is among the top 10 destinations that in 2023 will set the trends in adventure, nature and wellness tourism around the world, according to the Spanish magazine Hosteltur, which cited the findings of a recent survey conducted by Mabrian Technologies, a Spanish travel intelligence services provider.

Demand for camping sites with ‘fair price’ in Istanbul skyrockets

The camping sites in Istanbul, which offer an alternative vacation in tents with "fair prices," have become a new trend in the metropolis, with people flocking to the sites in the districts of Şile, Çatalca and Sarıyer.

"The occupancy rate of the camping sites in Istanbul has reached 80 percent for the Eid holiday next week," Demirören News Agency reported on April 29.

Night-time illumination proposed in Antalya

Tourism professionals in the southern province of Antalya have suggested "lighting" to make museums and ruins more attractive for tourists who don't want to go out of the hotel in 40-degree heat in summer.

They stated that the number of visitors to museums and ruins would increase if these places were opened after being illuminated in the evening.