United Kingdom

Washington Post publisher and incoming editor are said to have used stolen records in Britain

The publisher and the incoming editor of The Washington Post, when they worked as journalists in London two decades ago, used fraudulently obtained phone and company records in newspaper articles, according to a former colleague, a published account of a private investigator and an analysis of newspaper archives.

120 business leaders back UK's Labour in election

The U.K.'s Labour Party on Tuesday won the backing of 120 business leaders, in a timely boost as it bids to oust the ruling Conservatives in the upcoming general election.

The coalition of CEOs and other senior figures, which includes some well-known names from British business, said in a joint letter that it was "time for a change."

The Hague and the ‘other voices’

The International Court of Justice may not have issued the ruling that South Africa wanted, that Israel is perpetrating genocide against the Palestinians. But its instruction that Israel prevent any acts that could constitute genocide, and that it ensures that aid gets to the people of Gaza, is a victory for the countries in the anti-Israel and anti-West bloc.