USR: PNL Gov't prefers not to give OUG to repeal special pensions

The judges of the Constitutional Court are postponing the ruling on the draft law aimed at repealing special pensions, "pushing" the referral for May 6, in the context of the state of emergency, because "the PNL [National Liberal Party] Government prefers not to give an OUG for the elimination of these categories of pensions and is showing no signs that it is considering our proposal to tax 90%

USR leader Barna asks PM Orban for increased testing capacity, prolongation of social protection measures

Save Romania Union (USR) leader Dan Barna on Friday asked Prime Minister Ludovic Orban, on the occasion of a meeting the two officials had at the Government headquarters, to "stop local barons from further wasting the budgets they have at hand" and to increase the testing capacity for COVID-19 at national level.

PLUS: Romania, designated by EC to buy, stock and distribute medical equipment for EU

Romania has been designated by the European Commission to buy, stock and distribute medical equipment for all the European Union countries affected by the novel coronavirus pandemic, the Save Romania Union (USR) - the Liberty, Unity, Solidarity Party (PLUS) Alliance announced on Tuesday.

USR's Barna: Snap polls, a neccessary political step

USR (Save Romania Union) leader Dan Barna on Monday reiterated his support for the organisation of snap polls, and also for the election of mayors in two rounds. "The USR-PLUS (Liberty, Unity, Solidarity Party) Alliance remains consistent in the message that it has kept sending for the past two years: that Romania needs to elect its mayors in two rounds.

Barna, after meeting PM: Important victory, prorogation of special pensions for mayors by one year

Save Romania Union (USR) proposed more than 60 amendments to the law on the state budget for 2020, among which one referring to the postponement of the application of the law on introducing special pensions for mayors, the head of this political party, Dan Barna, made the announcement on Monday.

PLUS's Ciolos: 88pct of the PLUS members want to continue alliance with USR

Following an internal consultation, most of the members of the PLUS (Party of Liberty, Unity and Solidarity) want to continue alliance with the USR (Save Romania Union), along with more coherence and clarity, on Sunday said in western Cluj-Napoca the PLUS Chair, Dacian Ciolos.

#2019PresidentialElection/ Dacian Ciolos: USR PLUS Alliance - one of main forces

PLUS Chairman Dacian Ciolos said on Sunday, after the exit polls, that "everything is still being played" and that the Save Romanian Union - Freedom, Solidarity and Unity Party (USR- PLUS) Alliance is one of the main political forces of the country. "Well done, Dan!

#2019PresidentialElection/ Dan Barna: This is a vote for the future, I am very optimistic about the result

USR leader Dan Barna, the candidate of the USR-PLUS (Save Romania Union - Liberty, Unity, Solidarity Party) Alliance in the presidential elections, stated he voted for a change and that he is very optimistic about the result. "I have voted today for a change, for a Romania that will start changing right now, and not five years or ten years from now.