President Radev and Central Election Commission: Amendments to the Electoral Code Are Necessary

 During a meeting between President Rumen Radev and the CEC leadership, CEC Chairman Andreev commented, that this cannot be done with an extended interpretation of the Electoral Code.

Conclusion of all was that the voting of the isolated voters with coronavirus cannot be regulated without changes in the Electoral Code.

Albania Mulls Buying US Identification System to Curb Voting Fraud

Albanian election officials counting votes in the 2019 local elections in Tirana. Photo: Gjergj Erebara

The idea is to reduce the possibility of people voting under the name of absentee voters - a major problem in Albania, where up to 40 per cent of the voters are believed to be abroad.

ParliamentaryElections2020/Last polling stations close abroad

The voting process abroad for the Romanian parliamentary elections ended with the closing of the last polling stations on the West Coast of the United States of America and Canada, at 9.00 pm local time (07.00 am Romania's time). Romanians abroad had two days to vote in this election. After the polls closed in the country on Sunday at 9.00 pm (local hour), the vote in the diaspora continued.

ParliamentaryElections2020/PMP's Tomac: We must be extremely vigilant until the last vote is counted

People's Movement Party (PMP) Chairman Eugen Tomac asked on Sunday evening his party members to stay extremely vigilant, involved and attentive until the last vote is counted and the minutes are signed. "We must be extremely vigilant, involved and attentive until the last vote is counted and the minutes are signed.

ParliamentaryElections2020/ Voting in the country ends; more than 18,000 polling sections, closed

The polling stations organized in the country for the appointment of future deputies and senators have closed on Sunday, the electoral process coming to an end. Romanians in the country went to the polls on Sunday in over 18,800 polling stations, starting at 7:00 hrs.

ParliamentaryElection2020/ More than 71k Romanians voted in Diaspora on first day until 18:00 (Romania Time)

Over 71,000 Romanians in the Diaspora have cast their vote on Saturday by 18:00 (Romania Time). On the first day of voting abroad, voting has already closed in sections of New Zealand, Australia, the Republic of Korea, Japan, China, the Philippines, Malaysia, the Republic of Singapore, the Republic of Indonesia, the Kingdom of Thailand, Vietnam and Kazakhstan.

ParliamentaryElection2020/ Central Electoral Bureau requests Posta Romana for details on votes by mail

The Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) requested, at Saturday's sitting, the Romanian Post - Posta Romana - SA National Company for more information on the vote expressed by correspondence in the parliamentary election by Romanians in the Diaspora.

ParliamentaryElection2020/ Until 7:00 Romanian time, over 21,500 Romanians abroad cast their vote

The electoral process in the parliamentary election is under way abroad, where by 7:00 Romanian time on Saturday more than 21,500 Romanians from outside the country voted. According to data published online on the permanent Electoral Authority (AEP) platform, 21,329 voters cast their vote by mail and 273 exercised their right to the polls, with the total number of voters at 7:00 a.m.

ParliamentaryElections2020/ Start vote abroad; first polling station has been opened in Aucklan, New Zealand

Voting in the Senate and Chamber of Deputies elections of December 5 and 6, 2020, began on Friday at 8 pm, Romania's time, once with the opening of the polling station in Auckland, New Zealand, informed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE), in a press release.