Gasic wins no-confidence vote

BELGRADE - Serbian Interior Minister Bratislav Gasic won a no-confidence vote in the parliament on Wednesday.

Thirty-seven of 192 MPs in attendance voted in favour of an opposition motion of no confidence for Gasic, 148 voted against and seven took no part in the vote.

A crucial choice

The long pre-election period and the clear result of the May 21 ballot may have created a sense that Sunday's vote is something of a formality. This is far from the case. 

In fact, this election is more important than the last one because it will determine whether the country will have a government for the next four years and how it will be governed. 

Greeks abroad to cast their vote on Saturday, June 24

A total of 25,610 Greeks abroad have registered to vote from their place of residence on Saturday, one day ahead of the ballot in Greece on Sunday, the Interior Ministry said on Monday.

A total of 22,855 Greeks had registered to vote in the May 21 national elections, of whom 18,203 voted (79.5% rate of participation).

Over 54 mln dropped votes in nearly 200,000 ballot boxes

More than 54 million people on May 14 dropped their votes in over 197,000 ballot boxes set up across the country for the presidential runoff elections.

Though the voting process ended at 5 p.m., citizens waiting to cast ballots at polling booths during the deadline voted in turns under the supervision of attendants.