The Central Election Committee recommends April 2 as the Date for Early Elections in Bulgaria

Elections under the new rules can be held as early as April 2. This was announced by the Chairwoman of the CEC, Kamelia Neikova, during a hearing in the National Assembly in connection with the preparations for holding early parliamentary elections.

The reason is that at an earlier date the supply of the required quantity of secure paper for machine voting cannot be guaranteed:

One last effort

The damage was done when, in order to serve unacknowledged expediencies, political parties rejected the simple solution of allowing the postal vote in the elections.

The criteria established for registered voters living abroad proved in practice that they discouraged the exercise of the right remotely.

42 Countries have given Permission for Bulgarians to Vote on their Territory

Bulgaria's diplomatic missions abroad have already requested permission or notified 128 countries with which our country has diplomatic relations and has an accredited ambassador. To date, out of 61 countries in which the Central Election Commission (CEC) has designated polling places, Bulgaria has received permission from 42.

The Republic Election Commission announced: Voting to be repeated on April 16

Voting will be repeated in the presidential elections at the 21st polling station, while voting for MPs will be repeated at 43 polling stations, it was decided last night at RIK's two separate sessions.
There are places where the repeated voting will coincide for both the president and the parliament.