Consultation with political parties on postal voting to start Monday, minister says

Interior Minister Niki Kerameus said Friday that the consultation process with parliamentary party representatives on postal voting will begin upon her return from Paris, where she is currently chairing the OECD's Global Strategy Group meeting.

Postal voting for European elections and referenda

Interior Minister Niki Kerameos and Deputy Minister Theodoris Livanios gave further details at a press conference on Thursday on the introduction of postal voting to the European elections.

The minister clarified that the postal voting bill does not currently concern the general elections, but only European elections and referenda.

How Many People Voted with Machines and with Paper in Sofia's Mayoral Elections

In the decisive runoff for Sofia's mayoral seat, the battle wasn't just between candidates Vasil Terziev and Vanya Grigorova; it extended to the method voters preferred - traditional ballots or electronic machines. A noteworthy 291,000 voters embraced the efficiency of technology, opting for machine voting, while 146,000 adhered to the familiarity of paper ballots.

Sofia Records 1.3% Voter Turnout at 09:00 AM as Polls Open

As the polls opened for the election day, initial data on voter turnout in various Bulgarian cities has started to emerge. These figures provide an early glimpse into civic engagement and participation in the ongoing elections. According to exit poll data from the Gallup agency, reported by NOVA, here are the voter turnout percentages in several key cities as of 09:00:

Elections in Bulgaria: Around 5,900 Polling Stations will Vote by Machine on Sunday

As Bulgaria gears up for the crucial second round of local elections on Sunday, an estimated 5,900 polling stations are poised to introduce machine voting. The Central Elections Commission (CEC) has been working diligently to ensure the successful implementation of this technology, with discussions and collaborations involving multiple institutions.

Local Elections in Bulgaria: Voter Turnout as of 11:00 am is at 12.3%

Voter turnout for the whole country as of 11:00 am is at 12.3%, Central Election Commission Spokesperson Rositsa Mateva said at a briefing Saturday at 11:30 am. 

The lowest turnout is registered in Plovdiv - 7.25%, and the highest in Bolyarovo Municipality (Southeastern Bulgaria) - 33.94%.

Bulgaria’s PM: The Decision to Stop the Machines was taken in Violation of the Election Code

"The Central Election Commission's decision was taken in violation of the Election Code". This was stated by Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov in a statement in front of journalists.

He made serious criticisms of the CEC's decision to stop machine voting.