We Continue the Change

Survey: The Bulgarian President has the Highest Personal Rating, Little Trust for the New Cabinet

If the elections in Bulgaria were held in early July this year, GERB-SDS would receive 26.4% support, and WCC-DB 21.8%. "Vazrazhdane" and DPS would have almost similar positions, 14.9% and 14.5%, respectively. BSP remains in fifth place with 9.7%. "There Is Such a People" with 4.3%. "Bulgarian Rise" would receive 2%. This is shown by the data of "Gallup International Balkan".

Bulgaria: Political Reactions to the proposal for New Military Aid to Ukraine

Bulgarian political party GERB-SDS stated that the proposal submitted to the parliament for new military aid to Ukraine foresees the provision of over 100 pieces of armored equipment, which is no longer needed for the Bulgarian gendarmerie, but is still functional.

Bulgaria: Borissov, Petkov and Peevski headed Important Committees in Parliament

The election of the chairmen of standing committees in the National Assembly led to an interruption of the session - a new, unsuccessful request by "Vazrazhdane" for a chairman's council for additional consultations. This was followed by a demonstrative exit from the hall by "Vazrazhdane", BSP and "There Is Such a People".

Bulgaria to give Ukraine 100 Armored Personnel Carriers

"We have an initiative to provide armored vehicles to Ukraine from the warehouses of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, without affecting the reserves of the army. We are proposing this as a draft decision of the parliament. The approximate number will be around 100, mostly armored personnel carriers."

Bulgaria: GERB and WCC-DB agreed on the General Framework of the 2023 Budget

GERB-SDS and "We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria" reached an understanding on the general framework of the draft budget for 2023 at a meeting between Asen Vassilev and Kiril Petkov (WCC-DB) and Boyko Borissov (GERB-SDS) today in the room of GERB-SDS in the National Assembly.

Bulgaria’s President Attacked the Government for the Latest Decisions on Ukraine and Supported the Referendum for the Euro

Days after the visit of the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, the Bulgarian head of state Rumen Radev criticized the actions of both the government and parliament regarding the war between Ukraine and Russia, as well as the organization surrounding the event itself.

Survey: Only 15% believe that the New Government in Bulgaria will last a year and a half

Society's expectations are that the life of the "Denkov" cabinet will be short. Only 15% believe that the cabinet will last for the planned period of one and a half years, said the sociologist Dobromir Zhivkov, who presented the conclusions of a national survey by "Market Links" on the political attitudes in the society, made on the order of bTV.

Bulgaria: The Leadership meeting between WCC-DB and GERB has been Postponed Again

The leadership meeting between "We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria" and GERB-SDS failed and was again postponed, but without clarity when exactly it should be held. Despite the confirmation of GERB leader Boyko Borissov before the start of the plenary session that he would respond to the meeting invitation, he left without talking to the WCC-DB representatives.