Resigned Prime Minister Denkov Vows Support for New Caretaker PM

Resigned Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov has pledged support for his successor, Dimitar Glavchev, while asserting that he will not remove deputy ministers from the previous administration. Denkov's assurances come amidst a changing political landscape in Bulgaria, with key party dynamics shaping up ahead of looming elections.

In a statement, Denkov emphasized the importance of assisting Glavchev in navigating the challenging political environment. He highlighted the need for the new caretaker prime minister to have the flexibility to choose his team as deemed necessary for the task at hand.

Meanwhile, Kiril Petkov, co-chair of the "We Continue the Change" party, declared that their party members will not be part of the caretaker government. This announcement was made during the party's second General Assembly, where candidates for MEPs were confirmed in anticipation of upcoming national elections.

Commenting on President Rumen Radev's choice of Glavchev as interim prime minister, Petkov underscored the significance of the decision. He expressed particular interest in the actions of key ministers, particularly those responsible for the Ministry of Internal Affairs and electronic governance, emphasizing the importance of fair elections.

Atanas Atanasov, co-chairman of the "Democratic Bulgaria" party, voiced specific demands regarding the appointment of the Minister of the Interior. He urged for the selection of an impartial individual to ensure the integrity of the electoral process.

During the forum, Denkov also called for the commencement of election campaigning for the national elections. He highlighted achievements during his tenure while cautioning against trusting promises made by political counterparts.

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