Petkov: When GERB Is Not In Power The Birth Rate Goes Up!

Tensions flared among former coalition partners as they debated the impact of their governance on Bulgaria's demographic crisis. Kiril Petkov, co-chairman of We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria, pointed to National Statistical Institute (NSI) data suggesting a correlation between governance and the birth rate. He asserted that during GERB's rule, the birth rate remained low but surged once they took power, attributing the increase to factors like free kindergartens, improved security, and rising incomes.

"It's the fertility rate that shifts the birth rate. During GERB, these years, it's very low. GERB ends up ruling and it jumps up. Why? Not because something very dramatic has happened. Because there are free kindergartens, because people saw security, because incomes went up, because the minimum wage went up many times more than during the GERB years. Unfortunately, these statistics show that if we go back to the old model, yes, the demographic crisis will continue to be a problem".

In response, Boyko Borissov, leader of GERB, recalled the joint management in the past months and humorously remarked that their governance even influenced a notable increase in births. However, BSP leader Kornelia Ninova dismissed Petkov's claims as a pre-election tactic, accusing the coalition of embracing mob influence and betraying voters' trust.

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