Withdrawal from the European Union

Survey: Over Half of Bulgarians are Against the Euro

The number of Eurosceptics in Bulgaria has doubled in the last four years. The number of people who see advantages from Bulgaria's membership in the European Union is decreasing, while the number of Bulgarian citizens who believe that Bulgaria should not be part of the union is increasing. More than half of Bulgarian citizens are against joining the Eurozone.

Are we truly staying in Europe?

A recent discussion on institutions and the rule of law sparked controversy among the descendants of the pro-EU movement known as "We're Staying in Europe," which emerged in 2015 when Greece's leftist-led coalition raised concerns about the country's potential exit from the eurozone.

Analysts weigh political risk

A coalition government after the second round of elections in the summer is the main scenario for investment firms and rating agencies, with the whole process expected to be difficult and time-consuming, resulting in possible delays in both the recovery of investment grade and the implementation reforms and investment promotion.

Trade with UK brisk despite Brexit

Trade between Slovenia and the UK remains brisk despite obstacles that are the result of Brexit. Britain remains an attractive destination for Slovenian companies due to its openness to innovation, premium prices, a large market, connections with the rest of the world, and a reliable business environment.

The quiet, unexpected vindication of the euro

Behind the horrors of war, amidst successive international crises, a favorable reality for Europe (and Greece) is quietly unfolding. What was once a factor of division and weakness for the European Union is now a pillar of unity and strength. The euro, at the heart of the EU's first major crisis of the 21st century, has evolved from a weak core to a European unifier.