Withdrawal from the European Union

Cold shower for future EU members: "If Ukraine, Albania, Kosovo join, we should exit"

By asking on the Facebook profile "If Ukraine, Albania and Kosovo join the EU, then should we leave?" The youth of the Freedom Party of Austria (FP) has resumed discussions on Austria's withdrawal from the EU.
FP MEP Harald Vilimski apparently shares the same opinion, as he liked the announcement.

Brits living in the EU are Not Allowed to Vote or Participate in Local Elections

The European Court of Justice has ruled today that Brits living in EU countries have lost the right to vote and stand in local elections after Britain left the bloc in 2020. Exceptions are those British citizens who also have EU citizenship, the DPA and AP reported.

Denmark votes on joining EU’s common defence policy

Traditionally eurosceptic Denmark votes Wednesday in a referendum on whether to overturn its opt-out on the EU's common defence policy after Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

The vote comes on the heels of neighbouring Finland's and Sweden's historic applications for NATO membership, as the Ukraine war forces countries in Europe to rethink their security policies.

BIRN Fact-Check: What the Polish Constitutional Tribunal Ruling Means in Practice

Like all 27 EU member states, Poland accepted the supremacy of EU Treaties when it joined back in 2004. Those basic tenets have not changed since. What did change, however, is that, of late, rulings handed down by the CJEU have begun interfering with the Polish government's takeover of the judiciary - a process which has been happening since 2015.