Withdrawal from the European Union

BIRN Fact-Check: What the Polish Constitutional Tribunal Ruling Means in Practice

Like all 27 EU member states, Poland accepted the supremacy of EU Treaties when it joined back in 2004. Those basic tenets have not changed since. What did change, however, is that, of late, rulings handed down by the CJEU have begun interfering with the Polish government's takeover of the judiciary - a process which has been happening since 2015.

Iohannis: In Romania's vision, a European Union of the future is inseparable from European unity and solidarity

President Klaus Iohannis said on Tuesday that the European Union of the future is, in Romania's vision, a project that is inseparable from the idea of unity and solidarity, and for a "more integrated" union there is need for consolidating the Eurozone and the Schengen area.