World Trade Organization

WTO approves services trade rules, overcoming objections

The World Trade Organization Tuesday enshrined new rules facilitating trade in services between more than 70 member states, the European Union's trade commissioner said, despite initial objections from India and South Africa.

The set of rules will streamline authorisation requirements and ease procedural hurdles faced by businesses, according to a press release.

China calls for WTO review of US-led chip export restrictions 

Beijing has asked the United States, Japan and the Netherlands to confirm the existence of an alleged agreement between the three countries to curb semiconductor exports to China, state media reported yesterday.

Beijing's representatives issued the request during a regular meeting this week at the World Trade Organization (WTO), according to a state television broadcast.

Počivalšek talks WTO reform with EU peers

Brussels – Attending a session of the EU’s Trade Policy Council, Economy Minister Zdravko Počivalšek discussed the reform of the World Trade Organization (WTO) with his EU counterparts in Brussels on Thursday. Počivalšek said that Slovenia was ready to cooperate to affirm the importance of the WTO during its EU presidency.