Nikos Filis insists: Refugee children in Oreokastro will go to school

Minister of Education Nikos Filis argues that the decision taken from the Parents and Guardians Society of the 5th Primary School of Oreokastro in Thessaloniki, that they will occupy the school grounds if refugee children are inducted in the school, is not understandable.
Nikos Filis said this behavior is against the love, solidarity and understanding that the majority of Greek people has shown for the refugees. Giving an interview to a radio station, he noted that “We have taken all the measures needed. The refugee children will go to their classes in the afternoon, the will be vaccinated and they will have their teachers. Gradually we want them to play with the Greek children of the School. We can’t understand why parents refuse to accept these kids in the same space, not the same class, with their children”.
On the other hand, the President of the Parents and Guardian Society, speaking to, noted that the reason they don’t want the refugee children getting along with theirs is that their children haven’t been vaccinated for tuberculosis and they are afraid of an epidemic.


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