Greek famous designer puts Minoan prints on amazing dresses

“It’s funny, I never wanted to use classical Greek art, because being from there, it seemed too obvious,” she said after her show to Vogue. “But this time, I thought, ‘Why not?’”
And with the “Why not?” Mary Katrantzou has presented one of her boldest collections featuring  hints of her Greek heritage and roots.
She recalled a childhood visit to the ancient palace of Knossos, on Crete, the center of the Minoan civilization, which was a matriarchal society.
Katrantzou said she was also triggered by the words of a girlfriend who happened to remark, “Your work is so psychedelic!” So it went: Swirly prog-rock patterns met the symbols of the ancient Greek world in flared trousers and stretch T-shirts, layered under lots of the embellished dresses that have become Katrantzou’s signature.

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