Turks attempt to raise the Turkish flag on Thessaloniki’s White Tower! (PHOTOS)

A group of Turkish tourists attempted on Sunday morning to open the Turkish flag at the top of Thessaloniki’s trademark monument building, the White Tower. A Greek journalist and writer, Rania Aggelakoudis saw what they were about to do and along with her friend called the security. The monument’s security prevented the young Turks from climbing the iron stairway, at the top level of the White Tower where the Greek flag is, thus stopping their provocation.

Rania Angeloukaki describes the incident that happened at 11:00 in the morning at the White Tower:

“After our visit on the White House, we went down the stairs and on the stairs, on the 4th floor we saw a group of 6-7 people going up to the 5th floor while one of them took out the Turkish flag. My girlfriend immediately understood what would happen and told me: ‘I bet they will go up to wave the flag and take pictures’. Immediately I say, ‘We’re going back’” she describes.

According to her, the group of the Turks had an attitude full of audacity and everything indicated that their visit to the White Tower was following an agenda.

“After we reached the last level we waited to see what they would do,” says Rania Aggeloudaki and continues to say that “in the meantime we informed the security staff of the White Tower who arrived immediately. At that time one of them had opened the flag and the others circled him to protect him. I cautiously approached them and without them noticing I took the photo, while their security staff advised them to hide their flag. They picked up the flag and left and without causing any further problems”.

Source: seleo.gr

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