ND MP Voultepsi says she was assaulted during Prespes rally

Conservative New Democracy MP Sofia Voultepsi said that she was assaulted during a rally protesting the Prespes name deal in Athens on Sunday. 

In comments to Parapolitiko radio station, Voultepsi described the attack as "murderous in intent" and "staged," referring to members of the "parastate." 

The MP said she was attacked on Othonos Street next to Syntagma Square shortly after 4.30 p.m. when the bulk of the demonstration had dispersed following the police's heavy use of tear gas and "only parastate gangs were circulating in Athens."

Voultepsi said that one individual asked her why she was at the rally "as you're going to vote," and when her police guard responded that she is ND and will not be supporting the deal, the man told him to stay aside. He and a group of others who had gathered around him then proceeded to punch and kick her to the ground, Voultepsi...

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