Predictions of a Decline in Tourists in Bulgarian Summer Resort Albena

Between 3 and 5% is the decrease of the early registrations for the active summer season in Albena resort, announced the executive director of the joint-stock company Krasimir Stanev. About 75% of the annual subscriptions are currently being made.

"We are counting on keeping last year's levels when 1,670,000 nights stays were made, but there will be a drop for the whole Black Sea coast," Stanev commented. According to him, the situation in Albena is not that worrying and the most pessimistic forecast is for a 10% reduction of holidaymakers.

In addition to Russian tourists, who are down for a third year, fewer Germans are expected. "We are making great efforts for event tourism - sports, symposiums, etc. We hope to compensate through our own small German tour operator" Flamingo Tours ", which this year will double the number of its guests, said Albena Executive Director, AD.
The first season guests are expected from Romania and Bulgaria for the Easter holidays.

Stanev pointed out as a problem the lack of rescuers and did not hide his disappointment from the Ukrainian students hired last summer in the restaurants and hotels of the resort. According to him, they are not accustomed to the high standards, which are working in Albena, not getting the right quality and the regular visitors immediately noted this fact.

According to Krasimir Stanev, there is a slight tendency for the return of Bulgarians from abroad, so he is optimistic that the processes in tourism will be controlled.

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