The practical terms of morality

If Greeks more than anyone else in the world believe that faith in God is required to be moral and we also come first in the Western world in the importance we attach to religion, then why do we refuse to do what is necessary to contain the pandemic? If we are such a pious and respectful lot, why don't we comply with the recommendations of the experts (this is not a general trend, but is prevalent enough to be cause for concern)? Where does the Church of Greece stand on the issue? Is it a staunch ally of the scientific community, not just in words but also in actions (as in the use of masks)?

A survey of 38,426 people in 34 countries conducted recently by the Pew Research Center and titled "The Global God Divide" showed Greece to be the leader in various matters of religious faith among developed economies, with the positive response rate ranging from 53% to 82%, depending...

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